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Your website should be a core piece of your marketing + sales machine.

  • It's your digital doorstep. 
  • Your humble abode. 
  • Your rockin' crib that all the cool clients want to visit on a balmy Friday afternoon 
  • (and not just because you've got a sweet hot tub).  

  • At least... it should be.  

  •   If your site isn't helping you sell (or if it barely attracts anyone except a few pesky bots and those weird spammers who sell Ray-Bans) ... we've got a problem. 

If you've got that sinking feeling that your website isn't helping you...

  • Showcase your smarts, your skills, and what sets you apart from the pack 
  • Attract the clients you want (and at a price that'd make your mamma proud) 
  • Move your website visitors to action by turning them into subscribers, consult calls, and customers...

... then you'll definitely want to hang out with me LIVE to sort out your website woes and create a message that hooks clients like "whoa".

Want a front-row seat to this virtual shindig?

The on-demand replay is available now!

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Here's what we'll be breakin' down in this live workshop/house party:

  • The 3 elements your website NEEDS if you want to turn your site into a sales-generating machine 
  • What waaaaaay too many biz owners are missing from their site (and why it’s costing you clients and sales) 
  • How to find your voice and identify what sets you apart from the ginormous herd of competitors in your niche or industry 
  • The crazy-simple tweak you can make to your website copy in less than 5 minutes to start booking more consults and discovery calls 
  • PLUS a live Q&A session -- AND be in the running to get your website reviewed and tweaked by me live during the workshop

No need to hide under the covers when it comes to writing your website copy anymore ...


Hi, I’m Natalie. I'm a digital copywriter and your website copy wing-woman.

I help trail-blazing service-providers and online entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and sell out their offers — through strategic, brand-building copy.  

I’ve worked with a few too many biz owners in my time who have really struggled to put their message into words and write copy that connects — so let's fix the broken shingles on your site and polish your words together.  

(With snacks. Because everything is better with snacks.)

Ready to rock your site and learn my secrets to crafting a killer message that brings all the clients to the yard?

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Scout's honor: *fluff-free* training, or your money back.

Totally kidding about the refund bit. This whole thing is gloriously FREE, remember? But seriously, I won't waste your time with fluff or a crappy 20-minute "intro" about how amazing I am. Also, I don't have a course to ninja-pitch you at the end. This going to be all actionalable insights and advice that will make a tangible difference in your biz. 

So, in summary... 

What are you waiting for!? RSVP "YES" and let's level up your site together!